An Incredible Underground Cold War Era Hideaway in Las Vegas

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From the outside, this Las Vegas house looks just like any other typical house in the area. It’s a two-story home on a normal street.

The owner Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson built this house at 3970 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV in 1978. The 1 acre (surface) property, may look nothing out of the ordinary but it’s hiding a pretty amazing secret.

Why are there air conditioning units poking out of ground?

And why is there a turbine ventilation in the middle of the yard?

That’s because this Vegas home is hiding an underground secret.

Henderson constructed the house in a way that it will withstand a nuclear blast. He also planned to wait out the end of the world inside this charming underground hideaway.

Visitors must take the elevator to see what’s down there.

The underground home where Henderson and his wife Mary planned to hunker down is designed to provide them comfortable living during an apocalypse.

Décors around the house greatly reflect the original owner’s tastes including a lavish wallpaper…

A full pink kitchen (complete with built-in sound and a toaster built into the wall).

A classy fireplace.

And a bar! Wow.

It’s also equipped with a lighting system that reflects the time of the day.

There’s even a pool and sauna.

And green putting.

This underground home also has a yard that surrounds it on all four sides and a mural which took 3 years to paint. Each mural reflects where Henderson lived, including LA and Colorado.

Oh, look, there’s a fountain, too.

The property has been purchased several times since it was first put on the market. Currently, the house is owned by a bank after a foreclosure.


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