The Most Mesmerizing Graffiti Photos From Around The World

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Dennis The Menace, Homer and Tin Tin

There are so many iconic characters in the world of television that this next artist couldn't decide who it was they wanted to pay homage to. But the end result is a piece of art that is sure to be among many people's very favorites on this entire list. In case you need some help, the bottom half is the U.K version of Dennis the Menace. The middle is Homer Simpson and the top half is the character Tin Tin. The design was done by Nottingham Train Station.


A Homage To Back To The Future

If you are a fan of movies that involve an element of time travel, then it's probably a pretty safe bet to say that you are a big fan of the Back to the Future series. It may even be what spurred your interest in the genre. And if that's the case, then I'm sure you're going to love this next piece of graffiti that is paying homage to the iconic movie. I'm sure the artist is glad they didn't run out of time and was able to finish it! The piece was completed in Shoreditch, London.


Is Graffiti okay?

It is very possible that by the time you get to the end of this list that you start to question just how awful graffiti is. Though to be fair, the photos that you are seeing on this list feature only the very best from around the world. But the reality is that graffiti is still a crime and will get the attention of law enforcement. Something that Banksy decided to have a little bit of fun with when he decided to make this design.


The Queen Of Dragons Makes An Appearance

There aren't many television shows out there that can say they've had even a smidgen of the popularity that Game of Thrones has had. One of the ways this person showed their love for Emilia Clarke's Daenerys was to do an astonishing piece of art. Which, to be fair, they succeeded in. I'm sure this fan will end up being extra devastated if the franchise ends with Daenerys being killed! This art was created by an artist in the city of Barcelona, Spain.


Rosie Being Found In The Washroom

I will never blame you if you don't want to spend a lot of time hanging out in a public bathroom which can often be home to some unpleasant sounds and odors. But if you entered a washroom and saw this piece of graffiti on the wall, you may also be tempted to whip out your phone and take a photo. While there are many iconic characters from The Jetsons, there was nobody that would have been more fitting for this location than Rosie!


Calvin and Hobbes Meet Homer and Peter

I loved the Calvin and Hobbes series more than any other book growing up. I was also a huge fan of The Simpsons and eventually Family Guy. And if even many people think both of those television shows have gone on for too long, they should both be commended for the accomplishments they've had. And considering I'm not going to hate on either franchise, this piece of graffiti is one that stands out to me. The artist combined elements of all three iconic franchises to create a piece that is unique and should appeal to a large number of people.


A Different Look At Snoopy and Charlie Brown

It's very possible that you take a look at this photo and find yourself having a reaction that is very similar to the confusion being shown by Woodstock. Because while you may have spent hundreds of hours looking at photos of Charlie Brown and Snoopy over the years (not to mention all of their other iconic friends), you've probably never seen them imagined quite like this. But that may be what made this artists' design even more amazing for people to get to see. This talented take on the duo was done in Sao Paulo.

Homer And Bender Bonding

Matt Groening has found an incredible amount of success with several different ventures over the years. The two shows that stand out the most to you may be The Simpsons and Futurama which both went on to be seen by millions of people. And while I don't know which of these two shows this graffiti artist loves more, I do know that they should be very proud of this amazing mash-up. Which is a sentiment that hopefully Matt would also share if he saw it!


Time For Some Ghostbusters

If I'm going to be honest, the biggest appeal of the Ghostbusters franchise for myself is the amazing theme song. That's not to say I don't love people like Bill Murray, but that song has definitely helped me push through at least one tough workout at the gym in the past! I'm sure if this artist ever needed a little bit of extra motivation to complete their version of StayPuft that having that song blaring through their headphones would probably have done the trick.


Try Not To Get Tripped Out

It would probably be pretty hard to be walking by this artists' work and not be tempted to get pulled into at least somewhat of a trance! This vibrant usage of color looks fantastic in the photo and I'm sure would be even more breathtaking if you had the good fortune of seeing the image in person. The graffiti artist, who goes by the Instagram tag Hoxxoh, currently has a following of close to 50,000 people who absolutely love getting to see what kind of creations he is going to be able to come up with next.


You're Not Offline

It can be very easy to spend an entire day looking at a screen and not appreciate the world around you. Especially if you have an office job. But that may be what makes this next artists' piece of work even more enjoyable for you to see. While the idea of interacting with reality may be a weird thought, especially after a long day cooped up doing nothing if you do you may get to come across awesome pieces of art like this! The photo they've replicated is what people see when Google Chrome no longer has internet.


Lisa Playing Her Sax

One of the best signs of an amazing graffiti artist is being able to look at the world around them and use it for inspiration. When this individual noticed this yellow pipe, they knew that there was only one thing that should have been done with it. And what would look better than to have Lisa Simpson pretending it's her iconic saxophone? The only thing that may have made this photo even better would have been if the artist had added something like musical notes or gone really big and had Homer being upset at Lisa!


Some Marvel Heroes...And Batman

If your first reaction to this piece of graffiti was that this artist committed a big party foul by combining Marvel and DC, you may be right. But when you consider just how awesome Batman is, are you really going to be too upset that the Caped crusader managed to earn himself a spot on the wall? Though the amazing action pose that he captured for Wolverine may be the true standout. I'm sure whoever took this photo also made - at the very least - a mental note to go back and take another photo once it was completed.


Granny Getting In On The Fun

When you think about who your typical graffiti artist is, you may picture a younger person. Which is probably something that comes in handy when the cops come and they need to make a run for it. But this inspirational graffiti artist clearly wanted to have some fun with that notion when they created a massive piece of art featuring an elderly woman using some spray paint. It was reported that this artist created their art in the city of Montreal.


One Realistic Octopus

There are no shortage of amazing graffiti photos out there that may feature some of your favorite animals. But if you just happen to be a huge fan of Octopus (perhaps thanks to Hank in Finding Dory), you're going to love the next graffiti that I get to show you. The added shadows to the photo make the effect of the spray paint pop even more and leave the viewer with an image that they aren't soon going to be able to forget.


Are You Lost For Words?

If you find yourself a little "Lost for Words" when you stare at the next entry on our list, that's probably exactly what this next amazing graffiti artist was hoping to achieve with their amazing design. The usage of the different colors and fonts to help have every word get formed is amazing. I'm sure that when the artist was also asked to talk about the design that they found themselves impressed with how well they executed the idea that they had in their head.


Even Superman Gets Hungry

Superman has faced many different challenges in his day. Back in Action Comics #454 which came out in 1975, he found himself facing off against Toyman who had sapped Superman of his stamina. And what better way to try and ramp up his calories than by slamming back a mountain of burgers? It was clearly such an iconic comic cover for this one artist that he rightly thought it would make a fantastic piece of graffiti art. This was found in Rome.


The Beatles Know To Let It Be

There are many amazing musicians that are still currently making music. But if there was one musical group that you could "bring back", the most popular answer that people may reply with is The Beatles. At the very least, that's probably the answer that this next phenomenal talent would say. And while the band did manage to put out seemingly countless hit after hit, there is no question that one of the most popular songs that the band ever recorded came when they played "Let It Be".


A Big Splash Of Color

There are some pieces of art that look amazing because of the artists' ability to use black and white effectively. But if you are looking for a splash of color to help brighten up your day, you don't have to find yourself looking much further than at this next piece of amazing graffiti. This artist's design, which is located in Miami, really stands out for their implementation of the drops of color moving upwards as well as the small usage of black and white when adding in the animals.


Homer Reaching For Some Donuts

There are many phenomenal television characters that have been created over the years. But one of the very best, and perhaps most recognizable, comes from The Simpsons. Though when you consider the show has been on the air since 1989, you'd hope there would be many people who recognize Homer Simpson. Which may mean that amazing work like this one that I have featured for you may be one that gets a ton of appreciation from everyone who walks by and gets to see it.


The Lantern Corps In Fort Wetherill

There is no question that the most popular character in the Green Lantern Universe is the Green Lantern. But there are other members of the Lantern Corp who are all being represented in this amazing piece of art with their respective color and symbol. The artist was able to conduct this gigantic homage to the series in Fort Wetherill which is located in Rhode Island. I'm sure even if you have no love for the Green Lantern franchise you'll admit this is pretty cool!

The Avengers Assemble (Plus Deadpool)

Who is your favorite member of the Avengers? It's definitely not a question that has an easy answer. But it's also very possible that you love Deadpool more than any of the other Avengers and are just hoping that Reynolds will make an appearance in a future installment and adds even more humor to the team! That's a sentiment that this graffiti artist, who worked out of London, may share as he decided to throw Deadpool up for his hilarious rendition of these 4 characters being scared of heights.


Under A Magnifying Glass

You can only imagine the amount of time that had to go into putting together the next piece of art that is being featured on our list. But considering the concept, it isn't exactly something that would have been able to be utilized on a smaller scale and needed the bigger surface area. I'm sure the artist had a great time sitting back and looking at all the fun optical illusions that were created by the amazing piece of art that they created. This artist, Smug, is based out of Glasgow, Scotland.


A Rhino Busts Through

One of the most powerful animals in the entire world is the rhinoceros. Which made it perhaps a very easy choice when this artist was trying to think about what animal they wanted to feature for their next mindblowing design. The usage of the rhinoceros is sure to catch the attention of anyone walking by who would surely only find themselves even more amazed by the illusion created by the rhino charging right through the graffiti. Let's just hope it didn't make anybody fall down!


Albert Einstein Gets a Colorful Update

Albert Einstein has had one of the biggest positive influences on the world. Which means he was definitely a fantastic candidate for this next artist to use for their design. Though while the Einstein in black and white is eye-catching, it's the huge splash of color that really helps separate this graffiti from the competition. This design was found in the city of Sao Paulo which is located in Brazil. If you're interested the sign on the bike also translates to =Me+You^2


Remember To Save The Bees

There are many important causes that you should be doing your best to remain educated in. Such as the important role that the bee has in our life. This artist tried to take their love of street art to raise awareness for the importance of saving the bees along with the ominous message "When we go we're taking you with us!". This graffiti was done in London but the artist, Luis Masai Michel, has also done work in North America too.


Who Loves The Original Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong first made its appearance back in 1981. And while the character has gone on to have many different games get made featuring him over the years that I am sure you have probably played and loved, there's always going to be something special about seeing where it all started. Which definitely seems to be a sentiment that is shared by this graffiti artist who paid tribute to the original with their outstanding art. Though to be fair, Mario is the real star of the photo!


Raccoons Being Mischievous

This next graffiti artist clearly didn't mind making people laugh with their hilarious piece of art. While raccoons can be responsible for some mischief - mainly surrounding your garbage if you leave it unsecured and full of potential leftovers from whatever you had to eat that week - they probably aren't going to develop the skills shown here anytime soon! Though the artist is clearly very talented as several of the raccoons are very fun to look at. The piece was located in Toronto, Canada.


This Tree Getting Watered

This artist clearly had a fantastic vision for how they thought this massive wall should be improved. And considering the condition of the "canvas", they definitely succeeded in that goal. The usage of the real-life tree was fantastic as was the amount of detail that went into the girl with the watering can. This piece of art was done by Natalia Rak and she completed it in Bialystok, Poland. This is also something that would only start to look better as the tree gets bigger.


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