20 Weird Japanese Toys

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Mugen Peri Peri

Something that has taken social media by storm over the last several years, people enjoy opening packages so much that they watch videos of other people doing it. However, truthfully, a big part of the appeal whether you are gaining access to a package or are watching someone else doing, is finding out what can be found inside. As such, the Mugen Peri Peri toy, which simulates the experience of opening a box without the satisfaction of finding something inside, seems pretty fruitless.

Awamoko 3D Foam Pen

The kind of toy you need to keep away from your kids, most parents wouldn’t buy the Awamoko 3D Foam Pen. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t sell well, considering they would make perfect birthday gifts for someone else’s kids. After all, for a youngster, it would be a lot of fun to have a foam pen, especially if you have a bunch of junk you can put in the pile.

Robi Companion Robot

There is no doubt about it, the vast majority of kids would be pretty jazzed to get the Robi Companion Robot. Packaged either in parts that need to be constructed or already put together, in its final form, this tiny robot that is just over a foot tall can do a number of different things. Able to say around 200 different things, in Japanese of course, he reacts to humans using sensors in his eyes. On top of that, he can act as a TV remote control in addition to doing things like singing and dancing. All of that said, for the parents in the house having this little guy moving around would feel pretty odd.

Bandai Floating Micro Toys

A product that we can’t imagine passing safety testing in much of the world, the Bandai Floating Micro Toys almost seems like they were designed to be choking hazards. Meant to be placed in the water bottles of kids, it swims around whenever you squeeze the bottle, thus moving the water inside. Mostly known to swim in small circles, these tiny toys that look like various animals can be quite cute. The other issue with this item is that it would discourage kids from actually drinking their water.

Dancing Face Stand for iPhone

Sometimes, you look at a product and it leaves you wondering what kind of fever dream the person was having when they first came up with the idea. An example of that, the Dancing Face Stand for iPhone is more than it looks like it is when you look at photos of it alone. Packaged with an app that you can upload photos of family friends and yourself to, it makes it look like the image is singing and dancing along with music that is being played. Despite the fact that all of the promotional images feature photos of adults, it seems like this thing would only appeal to younger people.

Gomipakkun Wild Trash Can Game

Admittedly a game that looks like it could be a lot of fun, the Gomipakkun Wild Trash Can Game comes packaged with multi-colored pieces of paper that you crumple up and throw in the can. Essentially a way of turning cleaning up into a competition, there might be some parents that convince themselves that it will encourage their kids to be neater. However, since tidying up is not fun, in all likelihood, this would end up taunting parents that still have to put stuff away as their young ones pretend to do their chores.

Manners Fish Chopstick Training Toy

Produced and sold in Japan, to a large degree, it seems like the Manners Fish Chopstick Training Toy would be a lot more advantageous in other regions of the world. Seemingly an effective way of learning to employ chop sticks, it is sold in a country where they are used a lot more frequently, which would give kids ample opportunity to learn the skill anyway. Instead, adults and children alike from other areas that want to impress people with their chopstick skills may want to try this out. All of that said, this game really does have to leave you wondering, how many of its pieces have ended up in the stomach of children?

Neko Nabe Cat Puzzle

Evidently, a meme that has gained popularity in Japan over the years, many images of cats hanging out in pots and pans have gone viral. However, when looked at without that context, the Neko Nabe Cat Puzzle is something else. Far more challenging than it may seem at first, this unique puzzle can only be solved by placing the cats that come with it into an arrangement that allows them to take up very little space. Only then will you be able to place the lid on the pot, thus winning the game. Then you are left to look at a pot, an item you typically cook food in, filled to the brim with cats.

Parasyte Kiseiju Migi Cuddly Toy

Originally released in the '80s, the Parasyte Kiseiju Migi Cuddly Toy is based on a popular comic series that focuses on alien invaders that start by attempting to take over people in Japan. A big-enough series that it has since been adapted into 2 different live-action movies, it seems obvious that in Japan seeing this item would feel anything but strange. When you've been aware of all of those stories for years, if you saw this one-eyed plush toy in a store, it would be pretty off-putting. More than that, if your child walked around clutching one that would be far worse.

Tuttuki Bako

A unique take on the typical digital games many kids played with a few decades ago, the Tuttuki Bako allows children to interact with it in a way few people ever imagined. Packaged with a hole in the side, you are meant to stick your finger into it and move it around as the creatures and games seen on the screen are affected by it. Pretty creative really, this game does make us wonder a great deal about one thing in particular, what does it feel like for your finger when you put it in there? With that question in mind, you can feel free to let your imagination run wild like we did.

Home Ramen Noodle Press for Kids

Specifically branded so that it is clear that it is meant to be played with by children, the Home Ramen Noodles Press for Kids is another example of a Japanese toy that is accurately named. Seemingly stepping in the footsteps of previous kids toys like the Easy Bake Oven, this set essentially is a colorful homemade-pasta maker marketed to children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it would be a whole lot of fun for most kids unless they like to help adults in the kitchen or plan to be a chef one day. Of course, if you do have one of those youngsters in the house, this product seems like it would be well worth the price for the fresh pasta.

Toy Soldiers

At one time an extremely popular kind of toy that these days has largely fallen out of favour, little green army men have been surpassed in pretty much every way by modern toys. As such, if you have any interest in making any money on selling anything like them, then it requires you to get more than just a little bit creative. Seemingly an attempt to do just that, this toy that is sold in sets as Fat Cute Soldiers is a far cry from the toys your parents or grandparents used to enjoy so much.

Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary for Jedi Knights Edition

An insanely successful franchise that has been embraced by one generation after another, in some ways, Star Wars is bigger now than it has ever been in the past. Merchandised in seemingly every way possible, people have bought things like toilet paper, fruit, shoes, candy, and so many other products with the Star Wars name emblazoned on them. That said, the brand has been best marketed to kids because of things like toys, so it makes sense that companies continue to try to branch out in that world. However, a kid’s book that is an English-Japanese dictionary based around Star Wars is hard to swallow. After all, would you want to learn a new language from a character like Yoda?

Crying Doll

A fantastic family movie, Inside Out sought to show that you can’t have good times without the bad and sadness is not something to be feared. A marvelous message to be sure, perhaps the creators of this Crying Doll had a similar thing in mind. An interesting idea, in order to make it a reality you have to come up with a method of introducing the tears into her system. Unfortunately, the people behind this doll employed arguably the worst possible way of doing so, through the arm. Requiring the owner of the doll to place a syringe into the arm of their doll, unless your child has an illness that requires it, that is not a behavior parents will likely want to normalize.

Omnibot Charmy Baku Showtaro Comedian Robot

If there is one thing that everyone knows it's that there is nothing that screams funny more than robots. Of course, that is a joke in of itself, but there is a company that was very serious about releasing the Omnibot Charmy Baku Showtaro Comedian Robot. Programmed with a pretty huge database of 1,300 different jokes at its disposal, at the push of a button, it will do its best to make your chuckle. On top of that, it can operate in a number of different modes, including throwing out a monologue of sorts, joking at a predetermined time like an alarm clock and several others. If the whole thing isn’t weird enough for you yet, then keep it mind that it also often praises its own jokes.

Fruits Zombie

Proof positive that the zombie trend that has swept the world for many years at this point has gone too far, in Japan, there is an entire line of toys inspired by those monsters. Known as the Fruits Zombie, they are exactly what their name suggests — zombified produce. Every bit as weird as it sounds, there is a figure for a wide array of different fruits, including bananas, pineapples, strawberries, pears, cherries, and so many more. That said, our favorite has to be the grapes since it was a pretty creative choice to have it be a bunch, with each grape having an eye of its very own.

Face Bank

If you have ever had a child that you’ve given a piggy bank to, then you will likely know just how much their eyes light up when they drop a coin in it. Extremely satisfying, they take pride in having the coin and there is just something innate in most kids that see the act of dropping something in a slot like that as being awesome. For those reasons, there is a lot of money to be made in manufacturing them, especially if there is something uniquely eye-catching about the bank in question. However, when they have a mechanical face that comes to life and devours coins, it is liable to give many kids nightmares.

Nanoblock Real Hobby Series Titanic

Based on pretty much the exact same concept as the LEGO sets that have taken the world by storm over the last several decades, Nanoblock sells boxes of blocks that combine to make something awesome. Easily the weirdest set they’ve put out, if you buy the Nanoblock Real Hobby Series Titanic and put it together, you will have a miniaturized version of the doomed vessel made out of blocks. So far not that outlandish of an idea, it is the fact that as a part of the set, you will also build the ocean and the iceberg that tore into the Titanic that makes it mind-boggling.

Kaba Kick

Considering many companies in the Western world have more and more shied away from making toys out of weapons at all, you may think that trend holds true for Japan as well. However, judging by the fact that this toy exists, it seems like they’ve opted to go the exact opposite way. Meant to be played with by at least two kids at a time, this toy essentially is a version of Russian roulette marketed to children. We’re not going to go into the specifics of how the toy works, but suffice to say, there are many places it would not be welcome even though it doesn’t look realistic at all.

Hex Bug Robot Cockroaches

An insect that the vast majority of people would be horrified to find in their homes, when you get cockroaches, it's really hard to get rid of them. In fact, they've evolved to such a point that they can typically survive deadly scenarios. For that reason, we understand entirely if kids find them cool to read about, but playing with any Hex Bug Robot Cockroaches makes a lot less sense. We say that because they act a lot like the insects from which they were inspired in weird ways. In fact, once you turn them on and put them down, they will scurry away from loud noises and they scatter when a light turns on. What exactly is the appeal of a toy that tries to run away from you?


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