Family in Tennessee Discovered Treasure Hidden Under Their Stairs

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A family discovered a mysterious safe buried in the floor while cleaning their house in rural Tennessee. We can only imagine the family’s mad anticipation and sense of urgency.

They tried possible combinations like their grandparents’ birthdays and social security numbers to unlock the safe. Unfortunately, none worked. So they finally decided to hire a locksmith to help them.

The door to the closet under the stairs:

When a family member opened it to clean the closet, he noticed the dirty rug.

It’s actually this dirty rug that set the events in motion, in which he found this strange, round cap under it.

When he removed the cap, this is what he found: the opening of a safe.

After trying possible combinations without success, they finally asked the help of this locksmith named Tim.

Tim worked diligently to unlock it.

It was finally removed and the safe could now be opened.

They found a pile of things that looked like bricks. But they turned out to be boxes.

The safe was full of boxes and rolls of coins.

They pulled out more and more coins and bills.

And even more of them!

The safe held quite a bit of stuff despite its small opening.

A lot of the money inside the safe, unfortunately, suffered some damages due to a pipe breaking in the house some years ago.

Fortunately, the coins inside were well-protected.

They found silver coins.

And this box that contained silver bars, watches and jewelry.

And more coins.

Some more rolls of them.

What a fantastic discovery! Now it’s time to start cleaning the house, check every nook and cranny. We may find something interesting under some dirty rugs.


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