Aston Martin begins to create an electric submarine

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Electric transport everything is denser in our lives, but large companies can often surprise with their announcements. For example, recently the manufacturer of premium cars Aston Martin said that its new model will be not a car, but a submarine. And it will work on electricity.

To realize the conceived, Aston Martin joins forces with the manufacturer of civilian Triton submarines. The new project was called Project Neptune Sub, and the engineers of the companies for a long time worked on “the right balance between hydrodynamics, style and luxury.”

The design of the body resembles the best cars of James Bond (and in fact the majority of English special-purpose vehicles were produced by Aston Martin). As creative director of auto concern Merik Richman has declared,
“We give an equal amount of attention to those parts of the model that are in sight, and those that are hidden under the hull. They are not visible, but they affect the perception of the final product as a whole. “

The speed of the submarine in boat mode will be about 9.2 kilometers per hour, which is will be much higher under the water. The submarine itself can accommodate 2 people and can sink to a depth of 500 meters.

A battery charge is enough for 12 hours of admiring the underwater spaces.
“The team of designers of Aston Martin has developed three versions of styles, each of which offers a unique combination of colors and finishes. Aston Martin employees will continue to work to further personalize the submarines. “


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