PAL-V Liberty is World's First Commercially Available Flying Car

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The PAL-V Liberty is touted as the "world's first commercially available flying car," and it has made its official debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Priced from $399K ($599K for Pioneer model), this two-seater features a tricycle-inspired gyrocopter design and a roof-mounted rotor that unfolds at the push of a button, while power comes from dual engines - one for the road and one for flying.

It's currently certified to fly under the rules of both the EASA in Europe and the FAA in the US. One caveat: a pilot's license is required to fly the PAL-V Liberty, which means take off / landing must be at an airfield or airstrip.

"It converts from flying to driving mode and vice versa in between five to 10 minutes, however, so as long as you have the room it won’t take you long to go between modes. The company hopes to be able to begin handing over keys to its first pre-order customers in 2019, once all its certifications are complete".


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