Bizarre Photos You Will Never Believe Are Real

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A perfectly timed photo.

A bull chasing reveller during the Bulls to the Sea festival in Denia, Spain.

Certain stretches of the Flordia Panhandle's coastline are so developed that some of the larger buildings have their own weather patterns. It's known as "condo fog."

A Fiat Panda ended up rolling off the street into a roof when the owner forgot to put on the handbrakes.

Sinkhole in a Guatemalan street which collapsed in 2010.

Yu Zhenhuan, world's hairiest man.

Dead whale being washed up on beach.

Curvesome Mikel Ruffinelli, woman with the biggest hips.

Bagger 288 is the biggest excavator built by the German company Krupp.

Mandy Sellars is a television personality. She has a rare genetic mutation that has resulted in extraordinary growth in both of her legs.

Mursi woman with lip plate in Ethiopia.

In Morocco, goats often climb Argan trees in search of food.

A Grey whale hit a tourist boat on the Mexican coast.

Komondor, Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog.

Xiaolian from China suffered a nasal injury in a car accident and doctors replaced his nose.

Carlos Rodriguez, man with a half head.

Pig the half-dog which was born with a short spine syndrome.

Man with red skull.

Airbus A380 crossing the Autobahn at Leipzig airport in Germany.

Billy Owen, a cancer survivor who lost his right eye due to carcinoma

“Giant golden-crowned flying fox” is one of the largest bat species in the world.

A real bridge in Norway.


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