4 Allegedly Haunted Schools

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United States Military Academy

West Point, home to the United States Military Academy, is the most esteemed institution of learning for young American men and women striving to serve their country in the Army. The location has played a pivotal role in historical events for centuries, and, as such, it makes sense that there should be a few spirits roaming around.

Although a number of spirits have been encountered on the grounds, the most notorious ghost wandering the academy belongs to Room 4714 in the 47th Division barracks. It’s here in the early 1970s that a series of strange and, as of yet, unexplained incidents occurred. The barracks are the West Point equivalent of college dormitories, and the trouble began when two young cadets who were occupying the room at the time began to notice pronounced drops in temperature at random times. Although this was easy enough for them to dismiss, what followed was much more troubling. One night, the two cadets awoke simultaneously, both seeing the apparition of a soldier wearing a Civil War-era Union uniform standing in the room.

Understandably shaken, the two reported the experience to a pair of their superior officers, who decided that they would take the room for one night and see if they had any strange experiences. Although neither man saw a distinct entity, as with the cadets, they both awoke at the same hour and observed a strange, shadowy form on the ceiling that vanished before any details of its appearance could be discerned.

In the weeks that followed, the stories circulated, and a number of different individuals stayed on the room, trying to determine just what was actually happening. Some, like the first two cadets, witnessed the appearance of the Union soldier; one man who tested out the room even began screaming frantically in terror at what he saw.

Tests were conducted which proved that the room was subject to substantial temperature shifts of unknown cause. However, no rational explanation could be put forth to explain the ghost. Too many credible and high-ranking officers confirmed that something bizarre truly did inhabit that room for it to be written off as a hoax, and no evidence of an elaborate prank was ever found. Regardless of whether or not the being was real, the stern military officials at West Point seem to take it seriously enough. At the present time, Room 4714 is locked up, and no cadet has resided there for decades.

Asheville High School, North Carolina

Built in 1929 in Asheville, North Carolina, Asheville High School isn’t exactly the most modern educational institution in the United States. As such, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that the building may be inhabited by a restless spirit from the past, and as it turns out, a surveillance video captured in 2008 suggests that may indeed be the case.

At 2:51 AM on August 1, when the school building was closed, the motion-detectors activated the security cameras, which picked up a bizarre, dark shape which crossed from one side of the hall to another, at one point even appearing to take on the shape of a young girl. School officials admitted that they were unable to explain exactly what the image was but insisted that they did not believe it to be a ghost. Paranormal investigators who looked at the video were very impressed with the footage and feel that a legitimate spirit may have been captured.

To add to the mystery, a custodian at the school claims that he has seen the spirit of the young girl before. As of yet, no one has been able to identify the true nature of what appeared on camera. You be the judge.

Sweet Briar College

Surrounded by the lush, green hills of rural Virginia, Sweet Briar College, with its exquisite architecture, horse stables, and serene views, seems more like an expensive resort escape for 19th century aristocrats than a modern school. Established in 1901, to this day it remains a small, private college for young women, despite the fact that many other such academic institutions in America have since opted for a co-ed student population. Perhaps it is this reverence for history and tradition that makes Sweet Briar College a prime location for a haunting.

The land on which the college now stands was once a large plantation owned by the wealthy Indiana man, Fletcher Williams. Sadly, his young daughter, Daisy, died at the age of sixteen and was buried on the grounds.

In an attempt to honor Daisy’s memory, Mrs. Williams decided that the family fortune would eventually be used to convert the plantation into a college, where young women like her own daughter could be provided with a quality education. As a testament to Daisy, the college is certainly a success, although it seems to have gotten some help from Daisy herself.

For years, stories have circulated which suggest that the spirit of the young girl still intrudes into the world of the living. In one such instance, during the school’s early years, an instructor was residing in the former house of Daisy and Mrs. Williams, when the chandelier, which was off at the time, began to light up, then turn off, then light up again, repeating the process about six times. The instructor, familiar with the history of the house, asked Daisy to stop her mischief, at which point the nuisance ceased. Another instructor was adjusting a mirror in the house, when she noticed a cloudy form moving across the mirror, looking very much like someone dancing. It was common knowledge among her family and friends that Daisy loved to dance, especially in front of mirrors.

Students have also reported that a statue of Daisy, on nights when the wind is heavy, makes a sound not unlike screaming.

Unlike at other schools, where a rational explanation for such occurrences is often sought, the faculty at Sweet Briar College embraces the reputation that the school has cultivated over the years, listing encounters with Daisy on their official website and occasionally conducting ghost tours for the students.

University of Vermont

If the stories are to be believed, there are several restless spirits still attending this university. One of the most commonly known is that of Henry, a student who tragically took his own life in one of the buildings on campus. To this day, it is said that lights will mysteriously turn on and off there, doors will slam shut for seemingly no reason at all, and objects will move despite having been touched by no one.

In the school’s Counseling and Testing Center, multiple people have reported encountering the apparition of an old man who glides down the stairway.

Another recent suicide on campus has led some to believe that, much like with Henry, the building where the tragedy took place is now subject to unexplained noises.

Although efforts have been made for centuries now to determine the true nature of ghosts and hauntings, with some cases explained away by science, there are still many instances in which no amount of tests can indentify the cause of the phenomena. Perhaps one day, the spirits which roam these schools will be explained, but until then, they remain a very weird mystery.


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