Harvest Honey in Your Living Room

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There's raw unfiltered honey, and then honey that you harvest right in the comfort of your own living room, thanks to the innovative BEEcosystem.

Yes, a startup has created a pre-built indoor/outdoor beekeeping system that can be attached to your wall, over a fireplace, next to a bookshelf, or wherever it fits your decor. This means you won't have to visit your local farmer's market for fresh honey, as it's "an indoor observation honeybee hive that literally brings your living room to life."

"The company says the $450 unit will let anybody start his or her own honeybee colony - no prior experience necessary. To set up, you just need to install the wall mounting bracket and the all-important window tube, to let the bees fly free outside. The bees come 'pre-installed,' and the true-to-nature hexagonal modular design makes it easy to expand as the colony grows.,"


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